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The Summer is arrived and we can feel the heat not only from the sunrays but also for the current Covid scenario which is driving everyone crazy resulting in social distancing and quarantine way. So this post will provide you with 7 tips to stay healthy this summer.

Tip no 1- Stay Hydrated

Most of people forget the importance of staying hydrated. It is us of utmost importance to drink water at regular intervals to avoid dehydration. Not only for dehydration but drinking sufficient water is extremely beneficial for our skin.

I would suggest couple of glass of water immediately after you wake up. If not two atleast a glass should form part of your morning routine. Dont forget to carry a bottle of Aqua wherever you travel. Also having warm water with a kiss of turmeric is one of the solution to avoid COVID 19.

Tip no 2 – Avoid/Curtail Alcohol consumption

Who doesn’t like to party with friends with good food and pint of beer along. But during summer avoid alcohol as not only it increases the body temperature but makes you more urinate throwing the fluids from your body. This is one of the best tip of the 6 tips to stay healthy this summer.

Tip no 3 -Sleep Well

An 8 hour long sleep is must for your body to get rejuvenation and focus on the work. Many people in summer suffer from sleep problem due to humidity. Though not 8 hours but atleast 6 hours undisturbed sleep is suffice for one to be active for the whole day. Remember not quantity but quality is important.

Tip no 4- Have regular Ligher meals

Not only you have to to feed your stomach with less alcohol but you need to go light on your food too especially during dinner. Having junk food or heavy meals make you feel overload resulting in lack of quality sleep.

Some suggestions for light food could be having salads, refreshing smoothies or veggie rich meal. Avoid spicy food too as it leads to acidity thereby compelling you to take medication/anti acidity stuff. One can have small chunks of food every 2 hours if required to not overload our digestion system.

Tip no 5- Intake Fresh Fruits

Nothing can beat like having fresh fruits in the summer. Fruits are usually cool in nature thus boosting your immune system in the summer. Not only this but there are so much variety in fruits that there is one for everyone for their taste.

Instead of filling your stomach with junk foods, I would recommend you guys to have a fruit. In case you dont like raw fruits, then you can definitely have fruit smoothies or juices to impress your taste buds. Lastly fruits don’t create a big hole in your pocket too.

Tip no 6 – Have Healthy Diet

I don’t need to explain about this because nowadays people are so conscious about their diet but still would recommend people to have foods with sufficient nutrients to fulfil their needs. A proper diet would comprise of having vital nutrients like protiens, calcium, vitamins, fiber and other minerals required for your body.

I would suggest intake of various nuts and dryfuits which can boost one immune system. Also to fight a dreaded virus like corona one needs to have a good immunity system. You can have Cashews, Almonds, Figs and other tropical fruits to complete your diet. Nuts usually contained unsaturated fats which gives us energy for our daily activities.

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So friends these were my 6 tips to stay healthy this summer. Hope you have liked this post. Do post your comments and like the post.

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