Flavoured Cashew nuts are the new snack

cashew nuts

It is known that Cashew nuts are one of the good source of fiber and protein. But many don’t like the flavour of cashews. Also it is been assumed that eating cashews can pile your weight on.

To a certain extent it is true, that too much cashew munching might put your scales up but then excess of milk consumption is also not good. Our life is such that everything should be in moderation and balanced.

Cashew nuts

So what are the benefits of Cashews?

Extremely Beneficial for skin – Cashews are rich source of Zinc, magnesium and iron. Not only it helps in getting the complexion of skin glow but it also helps in stop ageing and reducing wrinkles.

It prevents hair loss – In todays world, who doesnt require lustrous hair especially women. So here is the product which actually promotes good hair growth. Yes, you heard it right. Cashews are extremely beneficial for hair. Regular consumption of cashews prevents premature greying of hairs.

Reduction in Blemishes– If you want to remove the unwanted blemishes without using any cosmetic or artificial products, then cashew is your choice of food to help that. Rich in Vitamin C, this nut can help you to get rid of blemishes and tan. After all who doesn’t like flawless skin.

Good for one’s eyes – One of the most vital part of our body is our eyes. Not only it has to be protected from over exposure but have to take care of it. Harmful UV rays and exposure to technological devices hamper our vision. Cashew nuts, is one of the powerhouse of anti oxidants called ZeaXanthin. This pigments helps to form protective layer around Retina and prevents our eyes from UV rays.

Now as you know Cashews are beneficial, dont munch on Cashews like peanuts. You have to have a limited consumption on daily basis to get the maximum benefit. Normally it is suggested to have 28 gms of Cashews as ideal single serving size.

Instead of eating junk foods in snack time, one can have cashews as a better alternative to such foods. But weight is not your problem then you can always snack your favourite Cashews at any time

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