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Of lately I am getting to hear lot about Makhana from these diet enthusiasts. Most dietician include Makhana in the their diet plan to customers. But why is Makhana superfood? Lets find it out

Makhana Superfood (Fox Nuts)

Makhanas are white coloured light snack with loads of nutrients which are very good for health. Commonly known as Lotus seeds or Fox nuts, Makhana are used in various recipes and Indian cuisine. Not only for consumption purpose but makhana is also used for medicinal properties.

Makhana do look like seed with some colour in it. Check out the picture.

Now after checking out the pic, lets dive into the benefits of having Makhana.

Benefits of Makhana

While NO doubt about that Makhana is a superfood with extremely low impact in your wallet. So here we discuss why this item should be in your list of diet food.

Nutritional value of Makhana

With around 9 gms of Protein in every 100 gm of Makhana and 14.5 gms of fibre, Makhana can really suffice your nutritional needs. Eating Makhana will make you full and curtail your need of appetite.

Apart from Protein and fibre, Makhana is a very good source of Pottasium, sodium and Phosporus.

Anti-Ageing Food

Everyone likes to look young and many people achieve that task. But when you check the diet list of such people you will find that these people consume lot of foods which are anti-oxidants. Makhana makes one of the great anti oxidant foods. Eating a handful of foxnuts will keep your skin glow and younger.

Gradual release of Glucose

Do you know whenever glucose remains in your body you will not be feeling hungry? I guess thats what happen when we are in hospital and doctor gives us various NS and DS bottle through IV’s. Bad example isnt it?

But thats what Makhana does. Makhana having low glycemic index release gradually the glucose to the body thus giving you a feeling of full for longer period of time

Anti- inflammable

Fox nuts are blessed with natural compund which reduces inflammation in our body. But how inflammation affects our body?. It does!

Various diseases like diabetes, arthrities, rheumatism and others are the consequences of inflammation. So Makhana not only makes you fit but also is a precautionary food for your body.

Gluten Free Snack

Makhana is a gluten free snack which can be consumed without any worries. Many people have allergies with food types which even they dont know. This is due to presence of gluten which cause some reactions and allergies in the body.

Munching on Makhana will never affect your body especially allergies. Hey but did I say that Makhana are extremely tasty to consume so you can enjoy without any worry for cheat days.

Extremely Beneficial for Heart

Our heart requires two componet regulary for proper functioning and that is magnesium and pottassium. Magnesium is extremely necessary for proper functioning of your heartbeat and Pottasium keeps your blood pressure in check.

I have already informed you about the contents in the 1st point that Makhana is store of minerals and magnesium and pottasium is one of the ingredient which exits. So having few Makhanas a day means serving your heart a healthy food.

Recipes of Makhana

Though Makhanas are tasteless, you can still enjoy Makhana in various gravies and foods. Some of which are mentioned hereSpicy Roasted Makhana

Spicy Roasted Makhana – You can take normal Makhanas and roast them. Along with roasting you can blend them with various spices like greenchilli, chat masala, etc. This will definitely up your taste buds.

Palak Makhana Recipe (Spinach gravy) – Well I too dont know how this is made but it seems really very tasty. Check it out in Google and decide

Makhana Kheer (Sweet Desert) – As told earlier that Makhana is neutral taste food, you can include it in your lunch or in desserts. So a Makhana Kheer is ideally the best desert you can have. This dish will give you all the nutrients present in Makhana with an addition of Milk calcium.

There are still lot of dishes which can be made with Makhana, I will stop here. But you dont stop guys having your superfood i.e. Makhana. Just keep savouring it in your diet and be healthy.

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